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An African Safari holiday is a must do, especially the Lions In The Wild.

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The term “Big Five” was coined in the early days of African hunting by its early pioneers, who described the five biggest game animals that were the most dangerous and posed the most potentially lethal draw to those hunting them. In many cases hunters were severely maimed and killed during the hunt.

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Owing to its unpredictability the Cape Buffalo, sometimes known as the “black death” makes it highly dangerous and killed many of the early-day hunters. Besides human prey, the African buffalo have few predators and have on occasions when defending themselves, killed lions.

It is no surprise then that most professional hunters regard the Cape Buffalo with respect as it is one of the most dangerous and ill-tempered animals to hunt; there have been numerous stories about this animal actually ambushing its pursuers.

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He notes: “By involving the local populations, the Parks Boards ensure that the local populations will find it more profitable to conserve the African wildlife rather than find them in the position where they have to turn to poaching the game to feed their families. In African countries where hunting does not happen due to political upheaval or is banned, the game has no value to the local populations. Consequently the locals only see the game as something that competes with their own survival by eating their crops and further polluting their own water supplies. When this happens, history shows that the game is quickly wiped out by illegal poaching.”

The African Elephant

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The African elephant is a majestic creature that stands approximately 10-13 feet tall and weighs between 5.5 and 7 tons. The adult male is larger than the adult female and the average length of an African elephant is 19 to 24 feet, which includes the tip of the trunk to the tip of the tail. The elephant has ears that are shaped like flaps and are used as fans to cool the body. The toes are cushioned with fibrous tissue that helps to protect the elephant’s toe bones from being injured. Both male and female elephants have tusks.

The African Elephants Habitat

Elephants are able to adapt well and can survive in the forest, bush, or Savannah areas, just like the Lion. They are migratory animals, the older elephants teach younger elephants their migrating patterns. Because of logging and other industrial activities, the natural habitat for African Elephants has gotten smaller in size. Many African Elephants now make their home in national parks.

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African elephants are well-known as zoo and circus animals, but they are also wild animals. If you have the opportunity to see an African elephant up close on your Safari holiday, you’ll be amazed at it’s sheer size.

Best places to view large game including Lions, African Elephants, African Buffalo is at Hwange National Park and the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

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Lions In The Wild – Your Safari Africa Experience


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