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Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls has been described as one of the seven most beautiful Natural Wonders of the World. Many Safari Africa trips are enjoyed by holidaying tourists.  You can enjoy many activities at the Victoria Falls, including an African Safari, White water rafting,  African Lion viewing as well as African Elephants and Black and White Rhino.

Nestled between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is twice as tall as Niagara Falls in the USA and is the largest sheet of falling water on earth.  The lowest volume of water you see is during dry season. The curtain of water becomes a massive cascading fall in the rainy season. The Victoria Falls forms a small rock pool that is lovely to sit in called Angel’s Pool. It’s similar to Devil’s Pool and is the safest of all the places around the Falls to go for a swim before the water falls 350 feet into the Zambezi River below.

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Dr. David Livingston was the first European person to set eyes on this 7th Natural Wander of the World, and the only Natural Wonder in Africa. He was led there by the natives in a wooden canoe. The natives called the Falls “The Smoke that Thunders”.  However, in typical explorer fashion, David Livingston immediately took it upon himself to rename the Victoria Falls after Queen Victoria. Though, Queen Victoria never actually came to visit the Victoria Falls; her daughter, Princess Victoria, did visit in 1904, about 60 years later.

Today you can have an aerial view that you can now enjoy with helicopter rides over the spectacular Victoria Falls.  Would you ever consider a hike to the edge of these Falls?  It is an incredible experience. This is a Safari Holiday experience you will never forget.

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Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe’s top tourist attraction, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

Zimbabwe is also the ideal destination to experience nature without barriers, especially for Safari lovers. People on Safari here have the opportunity to meet the animals really close up.

Safari Africa Attractions

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There are still attractions outside the traditional tourist routes that have an almost ancestral charm such as the Great Zimbabwe where in fact the country was born. Also intriguing are the deep and dark caves of Chinhoyi. Then there are also the cave paintings in Matobo Hills, as well as the Balancing Rocks; these are all must-see beautiful natural sites.

The banks of the massive Zambezi River mark the geographical border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Zambia, on the far North-West of the country is connected to the Victoria Falls by the historical railway bridge.

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There are many activities at the Victoria Falls. You may decide to fly over the falls by helicopter, to get an amazing panoramic view of the Vic Falls. The beautiful Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, and the only Natural Wonder in Africa. Here the water falls from a height of 120 meters, that is double compared to Niagara Falls. The cascade of water sends water spraying into the air reaching a height of up to 1600 meters and is visible to more than 40 km away.

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Indeed this is a spectacular sight. The Victoria Falls in the rainy season, reaches a capacity of 9,000 cubic meters of water falling per second. The roar of the rapids is like that of thunder. Bungee jumping is one activity, people experiencing an impressive free fall of 111 meters.

Safari Wildlife

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Most tourists decide to come to Zimbabwe to see the wildlife to experience an African Safari in addition to the Falls. There are many national parks to enjoy the best of nature such as the Hwange National Park being the largest wildlife park, Matobo Hills National Park, Victoria Falls National Park and many others.

Be sure to wait for the setting of the sun in these parts of the world to experience the magical African sunset.

Lake Kariba

Going to the north western border you can indeed enjoy the massive works of national engineering inaugurated in 1959, where the dam was created and called ‘Lake Kariba’. This is the largest artificial lake in the world by volume of water. Lake Kariba is the source essential to the fragile local economy. Thanks to the lake, small fishing villages dotted around the lake are surviving.

Zimbabwe Caves

The caves of Chinhoyi, about 2 hours drive north of Harare, are truly spectacular. The descent to the main cave gives a mirror of blue really hypnotic cobalt water, while the other cave called (by no coincidence) ‘Black-Quarries’ is dangerously dark and mysterious. Without a flashlight you really risk your life. Equally mysterious are the cave paintings. More mysterious cave paintings can also be found in the caves in Domboshava, in a natural setting that is well worth a visit.

Balancing Rocks

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The Balancing Rocks are reachable in less than an hour from the capital, Harare. This place takes its name from the curious and surprising rocks stacked in perfect balance.  This is the place that gave origin to the country, Great Zimbabwe. This is also the most important archaeological site in sub-Saharan Africa, and is thought to be the Ophir biblical country, dating back to the time of King Solomon and the legendary Queen of Sheba.

To discover the most beautiful places you have to walk a lot but there are surprises. The imposing walls stone walls, the labyrinthine structures and the numerous artefacts found here, including bird statue became a national symbol, confirm how special this mystical attraction truly is.

Zimbabwe is truly intriguing and rich in history.  This is a great safari holiday destination, with so much to discover.

Safari Holiday Packing Tips

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So you’re super excited about your looming African adventure holiday but since an Africa safari is not something you do every day you wonder what the on earth should you pack! Here are some top to bottom essential tips on what you should pack for your Africa safari.

  1. Don’t forget your hat! Choose wisely – one that shades your eyes and covers the back of your neck. Sun stroke would definitely spoil your African adventure holiday so don’t forget.
  2. Sunglasses – absolutely essential to shield your eyes from the bright African sun that will reflect across the Savannah plains.
  3. An Africa safari requires neutral colour clothing. Avoid bright colours since you don’t want to attract the attention of and scare the wild game you want to see. White is neutral but it showcases every single mark! Khaki, brown, beige and olive colours are perfect. Another advantage of light neutral clothes is they will repel heat. Dark clothes will make you feel hotter.
  4. Comfortable walking shoes are essential especially if you are doing a walking safari. The right shoes are still important for outdoor activities in and around the natural environment of the lodge. Open shoes like sandals will be sufficient if you will not be walking anywhere with thick undergrowth that could scratch your skin. Sandals are however much more comfortable for the evening’s entertainment of music and food around open camp fires.
  5. There’s no need to pack the kitchen sink! Don’t over pack. Most hotels, lodges and camps will provide laundry facilities and nothing makes travelling long distances simpler than light baggage that you don’t have to lug around.